Perspectives with Kaamil Salojee

Yesterday evening I did a podcast with my good friend Kaamil Salojee. Kaamil is from South Africa and moved to Canada from Johannesburg in 2011. Whenever we got together, he didn’t always share much about his life back in South Africa. I attribute this mostly due to my hesitation in asking about his home country for fear of sounding nosy but also because we were usually preoccupied with parting and imbibing ourselves or snowboarding. Now with Kaamil preparing to return back to his mother country of South Africa, I decided to do a podcast with him in where he shares his experiences growing up in a different continent.

I have included the link to the podcast below. I hope you enjoy. Our conversation definitely taught me much about the interesting history of this country, from Apartheid to post-Apartheid and what the country is like today. From his sharing, I trust that there is something every listener can take from our conversation.

Thank you for listening.


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