New Podcast Project

This year, I made a decision to start exploring ideas more clearly and have fun while doing them. I thought about how in our contemporary culture, it sometimes seems that our thoughts and beliefs are being suppressed. By what or who, I’m not sure? I just know we need to combat it. So I started up this podcast project where I, along with friends and guests, talk about everything under the sun: politics, philosophy, life stories, and other absurdities. We have fun, we laugh, and occasionally, we learn things. I’m sure there is something on here that could offend someone (anyone can be offended if they try hard enough); however, that is not the goal. The goal is to communicate openly and freely without the fear of being judged, shamed or ostracized by anyone. I think we need to stop being offended and shaming people or forcing them to think a certain way and instead have an open dialogue and try and educate each other. Just remember, if I did offend you: I’m probably wrong anyways. So let’s talk about it! So please, have a listen. I hope you enjoy.

You can give it a listen by clicking on the link:


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